Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Photos

Our Christmas photos thanks to my talented friend Jennifer at 4Beauty Photography 


We took a break from school last month and spent a majority of our time playing games, making crafts, doing fun Christmas activities and spending time with our church family. I love December in Arizona. The weather is nice and cool and nothing is cancelled due to inclement weather.

I love the next picture. Notice the bottom half of my Christmas tree is bare. I found Haddon one morning throwing ornaments out the back door and then kicking them into the grass. 

Below you can see some of the items we got from our thoughtful Christmas packages from family and friends!

Thanksgiving with the Bradford Family

Sunday, June 8, 2014

But the best part of May was

 that Memaw and Pepaw were here the whole month!!!

Month of May

The month of May was fast and fun! With Mother's Day, Kesed's birthday, Emsleigh's first baseball game, Haddon took his first steps, end of the AWANA year, graduations, fun time with best friends, a visit from Aunt Amy, and a wedding shower...we were BUSY!

Happy 3rd Birthday Kesed!!

We are a part of the Frozen CRAZE! Olaf does inspire me to embrace the desert I live in and love all things hot....anyway, Kesed is 3! Feisty and full of personality she keeps us laughing. I pray God uses her determination and strong will for His purposes!

Emsleigh bought this special present for her sister with her awana bucks at the church awana store. Sweet sisters!

Ice Skating

Emsleigh recently got to come along on a youth ice skating trip with me. It was her first time and in her own words as she was skating "Mom, this is like a dream!" She was so excited! And the extra money for the 'walker' was very worth it!